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How Rick's Problem was Solved

How Rick's Problem was Solved - Jason Hill

Rick is my childhood friend and we have always been very close to each other. Rick went into the transportation business a while back. He became a successful transporter and now owns many trucks of his own. Some of his trucks are on lease while others he owns himself. One day Ricl called me and asked if I was free that weekend as he planned to go to a nearby parts market wishing to buy some equipment. I am always idle on weekends and look for times to hang out, so I instantly answered him in the affirmative.

On Sunday, Rick called me and said that he woule picking me up a few minutes later. I readied myself and when he arrived I joined him and went along. On our way to market, Rick told me that he is actually looking for some kind of tools or equipments that can be used in trucks for the purpose of easy handling with care. I asked him to be more specific.

He then told me that sometimes mishaps occur at the dock during the loading or unloading of goods from the truck. He said that damages from such mishaps resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars and sometimes also caused injury. That suddenly prompted me to remember an newspaper ad I had seen a few days earlierr. I told him about the truck restraint system advert that had seen in the newspaper a while back. 

Rick was totally unfmailiar with this sort of equipment and got really excited upon hearing this. He asked me for the address of the manufacturer so I called my home to inquire about the address. After a while, my brother took out that old newspaper and gave us the company's contact information. We then turned the car around and drove to the company dealership which provides great truck restraint system at very competitive prices.

Rick told them about his problem upin which they said that they had the perfect solution for that kind of issue. The manager then took us to the display area where he showed us and demonstrated how that equipment can help in reducing the risk of accidents during loading and unloading at the dock. I could see the happiness on Rick's face. He ordered a few of those for his trucks on the spot. He is now a very satisfied customer.


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