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The logo stays

The logo stays - Jason Hill

My beloved Mitsubishi died on me recently. I drove that Lancer for ten years and I loved it. I had no problems with it. All I had to change is the alternator and the belt. Other than that, it was the perfect car. It never let me down; it served me anytime I needed it.

I didn’t care it was an old car. I didn’t buy it new. I never bought a new car. Not because I couldn’t afford it. I didn’t do it because I thought it was a waste of money.

Yes, I agree some people might say that when you buy a used car, you buy someone else’s troubles.  In some cases, it is true. I have friends that purchased second hand cars which caused them a lot of problems shortly after. A few of them were really unlucky. They faced the situation where the costs of repairs were higher than the car’s price.

Thus, these past days I have been using a rental car. I am a dead man without a car. I can’t take the public transportation. I would be wasting a lot of my time. Plus, the metro and the buses are not covering entirely the areas that I have to go.

I told to myself that during the weekend I would start looking for a car online.  I would have a look on Kijiji first, and if nothing was on my taste, I would give a phone call to my old friend Amin, who was the owner of cars dealership. Twenty five years back, we used to be partners. We worked together for five years. I learnt a great deal about cars from him.

I knew that he would find me a good cheap car that I could use for a few years. The weekend came, and I started to look for a car on Kijiji, where I found a Passat from 2003, for a reasonable price. Actually its lower price made me believe that it might be something wrong with the car and I was tempted to disregard it. I wrote down the phone number of the seller, just in case, and move on.

A few hours later, I decided to give it a try, and I called the owner of the Passat. I asked him if I could see the car and take it for a drive. He gave me his address and mentioned that he would be available only after 6 PM. When I got there, the car was parked on his driveway. I called him and within a few minutes he was out. Before he came, I noted that on both sides of the car there was a logo printed: Edmonton asphalt.

When I asked what was wrong with the car and why he was selling it for a lower price, he explained that the logo had to be kept on the car for one more year, meaning that its new owner would have to agree to keep it.

As much as I liked the car, I had to say no, because I couldn’t go around with that car, meeting clients, and customers.


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